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Checklist for Selling a Home in Gainesville

Checklist for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You want your home to look so inviting from the street and in photos that every buyer who drives by will want to see it.  The most important thing a seller can do is have the outside of the property look attractive, clean and neat.

If the outside of  your home looks immaculate you send a signal that you care about your home and its condition. It tells buyers that you took care of maintenance  issues as they came up so they may not have any surprises to deal with for a while.

Start by taking a good look at your property from across the street.  Try to pretend you are a home buyer and this is the first time you are seeing the property. Look at each part top left, top middle, etc.  Check out the trees, are there tree branches that need trimming? Is there a dead tree you were always going to take out but haven’t? What is the condition of your roof?

Your Home is in a Beauty Contest

Your home needs to make a great first impression. Follow this checklist to find the most cost-effective repairs.

Exterior Checklist

  • Pressure wash walkways, drive way, & curbs
  • Pressure wash house if not repainting
  • Clean stained roof tiles
    & More…

Interior Checklist

  • Clean light switches plugs, and switch plates.
  • Inspect and clean windows
  • Repaint trim, doors, and walls
    & More…

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