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Town of Tioga

Town of Tioga

Front Porch Lifestyle, Walkable

The People Are

affluent and well-educated.

Living in Town of Tioga

The area is dominated by established trees and open spaces surrounding clusters of homes. The broad walkways are park-like, allowing you to walk to the corner store or great dinner out at Tioga Town Center.

Perfect for

the young professional wanting to stay active.

You’ll Love

Promenade area, featuring a children’s playground, state-of-the-art lighted tennis and basketball courts, Meeting Hall, and community pool with cabana, and pedestrian-friendly walkways. There is even a community garden.

A Little About Town of Tioga living:

They probably call Tioga a traditional neighborhood because of the Old Town Square feel that it has. The classically styled homes are clustered together, and most of them are two story homes with large front porches. Designed with a lot of green space which translates into enjoyable walks and a place to play frisbee or throw a ball around Tioga nurtures a relaxing environment.

Tioga Town Center, a popular and eclectic shopping center, is at the entrance to the community. Residents enjoy the conveyance of everything from a local fitness center, jeweler, boutiques, salon, and restaurants.

Tioga is made up of custom and semi-custom homes. The designs are generally reminiscent of the late 1900’s but some of the custom homes are very modern, giving the sense of a growing and vital community. Many homes are 2 story and have a classic feel while including modern design elements like the open great room. High ceilings, luxury finishes, and ample molding are the norm here.

The neighborhood is still growing. If you are looking for a new custom home there are 4 approved builders to select from. They are all known for their exceptional craftsmanship, but it is their personalities that set them apart.

Price Range

Rent: $1,000 – $1,800
Buy: $250K – $1.4M



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