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Buying a Home in Gainesville

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities when looking for your next home. We help you focus on what is most important to you and guide you through the processes while you sit back and enjoy the view.

Your unique needs are the guiding star for everything we do.

Take a breath. You’ve got this.

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What stage are you in?


I'm Starting My Research

Before you start looking for a new home, it’s crucial that you strengthen and evaluate your finances.

Having a strong financial foundation to buy a home will make the process easier, less expensive, and more successful.

Your Next Step:

Decide exactly how much you want to invest in your purchase.


I'm Searching For My Home

Don’t let your heart take over, this is business. Most people ride an emotional roller-coaster during this step.

If you know what you need and what you are willing to live without ahead of time you can make this a much smoother ride.

Your Next Step:

Clarify your goals and use them to guide your search.


I'm Building My Team

The professionals on your team understand all the moving pieces, and will guide you to closing step by step.

They work together to make sure your closing goes smoothly. Ask the right questions to find your team.

Your Next Step:

Interview a few people to find a professional who you click with.

“You put our best interests first… and were always transparent. You gave us the information we needed to make decisions.”

Rob Ostrow

“The first day that we went out I was amazed, because we walked in and you pointed out all kinds of little things in the house that I might not have noticed.”

Derek Crawford


A Beginner's Guide to Buying Real Estate

Download Your Copy Now

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward buying a new home! Buying real estate can be exciting and scary, but with a little preparation and a great team you can have a smooth transaction.

In this book you will get introduced to everything that happens between thinking about moving and getting the keys to your new home. I will help you break down the steps to get you there without having your own break down along the way.

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News for Home Buyers

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Know your Homeowners Insurance Policy: How to Recover from a Loss

Homeowners insurance is one of the most valuable tools you can use to protect your largest investment from loss. I often tell homeowners to look carefully at what is stated in your policy to really understand what is and what is not covered. During a time of crisis...
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Tips for Moving During a Pandemic

The decision to relocate is never easy. Upending the rhythm of daily life with career, possessions, mail delivery, and even navigating new supermarkets can be downright daunting. Throw in a dangerous global pandemic fraught with economic uncertainty, and it’s easy to want to just hide under the covers 24/7.

real estate market update alachua county 2020 May

How is the Alachua County Real Estate Market? May 2020

The biggest change we are seeing is general slow down in the real estate market by 20% - 30%. People have been staying home and out of public, and only those who need to move have been purchasing property. At first glance, there is an obvious slow down in the...
5 Dangers When Buying For Sale By Owner

5 Dangers When Buying For Sale By Owner

5 Dangers to Watch for When Buying a FSBO You may have found a home you like that is for sale by an unrepresented seller, known in the business as a For Sale by Owner or FSBO. If you plan on buying this home, my advice is “Buyer Beware”. Make sure you understand the...

Which Mortgage is Right for Me?

What’s the best mortgage out there? The answer is different for everyone. Learn what makes one loan type different for another so you will know how you can get the right mortgage loan for your next home. Loans Explained in plain English.

Our Promise

Your real estate experience should be effortless, and fun. Your five star experience starts with us anticipating your needs, providing expert advice, and understanding your perspective.

We will help you meet your goal, moving forward with your life in the most comfortable way possible, by providing:

  • Guidance without pressure.
  • Quick answers to your questions.
  • Clear and simple pricing and valuation reports.
  • Advice for your unique situation, when you need it.
  • Clear guidance so you avoid common problems
  • Reliable experts to advise if you find yourself with an uncommon problem.
  • A smooth closing process.