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The decision to relocate is never easy. Upending the rhythm of daily life with career, possessions, mail delivery, and even navigating new supermarkets can be downright daunting. Throw in a dangerous global pandemic fraught with economic uncertainty, and it’s easy to want to just hide under the covers 24/7.

It IS possible to have a safe and stress-free move during the age of COVID-19. I just moved with the help of flyttebyrå Oslo, and so I lived it! I am happy to share the experience with you, so without further ado, here is my list of…

Top 10 Tips for a Successful (and SANE!) Move during a Global Pandemic

1. Follow the guidelines of the experts.

The Center for Disease Control has established guidelines to keep yourself as safe as possible. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html Study these guidelines, wear a mask, wash hands, keep your distance, and avoid unnecessary contact with other people outside your home.

2. Plan ahead..

Keep a running list of tasks to be performed and how many months, weeks, or days you have until the move. Schedule things like cable and utilities be turned off/on as well as other small services like pool cleaning, yard trimming, and Olathe pest control. Get your mail forwarded along with scheduling bills to be paid online and on time. If you budget your time, the tasks will seem much more manageable!

3. Stay flexible.

You know what they say about the best laid plans. Moving during a global pandemic means that you or someone in your household could get sick unexpectedly. Create a contingency plan for the unexpected. Ask your leasing office or real estate agent how your lease or transaction might be handled in case of illness. Further, where will you go to quarantine or recover? Keep a bag of comfortable, clean clothes and medications for an unexpected stay somewhere safe.

4. Sort, organize, purge, and clean well ahead of moving day.

You won’t want to be doing things like washing the drawers and shelves in your fridge on moving day. Take time to empty out closets and junk stored under your bed. Donate and sell off unnecessary items so you aren’t paying to move stuff you don’t even want to keep!

5. Get creative when considering how to rid yourself of unwanted possessions.

Garage sales or yard sales are probably not advisable during a global pandemic. Herds of strangers picking through your things on the lawn and handling cash might not be the wisest of activities at this time. To keep the virus contained, look to apps to post items online to sell. Letgo, Offerup, Facebook Marketplace, and even eBay for collectibles can be a great way to rid yourself of unwanted stuff. (Here is a list of various online selling platforms: https:// smallbiztrends.com/2018/05/best-app-to-sell-stuff-locally.html) Lastly, consider a donation to a local shelter or thrift store. Call ahead to make certain that donations are being accepted. Some places are not taking items (or only certain items) at this time.

6. Move as much as you can by yourself or with members within your household.

This will obviously be more feasible for folks who are not moving across the country. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make smaller trips ahead of the actual move date to transport your most breakable items more carefully, do it! It will breakdown the moving process into smaller, more manageable steps.

7. Make quarantine buddies and ask them for help with the heavy lifting.

Sometimes it pays to band together with your most trusted friends. Offer to return the favor if they can help you move this time. Make sure to provide fun takeout (and maybe even a few beers for after the work is done) in order to make the big day more enjoyable. And definitely take time to let your friends know how much you appreciate their help!

8. Keep a hand washing station in place and sanitize surfaces often during moving.

Follow the CDC recommendations by making sure you have plenty of soap, water, and disposable towels on-hand for any movers you might have helping you. Moreover, sanitize high touch surfaces like doorknobs and countertops often, especially when you are moving into your new home.


I cannot stress this enough! Hydration is fundamental to overall health. Give yourself a fighting chance to keep illness at bay by watching your hydration, nutrition, exercise, and stress levels. Even the experts agree! https://ssihi.uci.edu/tip/hydration-for-immune-system/

10. Stay in touch with how you’re feeling emotionally

Everything during a pandemic is more difficult than normal. Stay in touch with family and friends to share how you’re feeling. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and take breaks as often as possible. Before you know it, you will be on the other side of the move.

I hope this help make your move easier. Remember this is all temporary!