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Downtown Gainesville

Stylish, flashy, cool, yummy, walkable

The People Are

mostly professionals working in the downtown area or at UF. The court house and other government buildings occupy most of the immediate downtown area and parking is hard to find. So, many of these professionals have condos and the like to house themselves during the week and then head  to their country homes on the weekends.

Living Downtown

is like no other place in Gainesville. Have the best of both worlds. Live in one of the spectacular condos and work from home by day, and by night the party is right outside your door. Within blocks you have some of the best entertainment in town, theatre at your back door, or parks and shops everywhere.

Perfect for

someone wanting to work hard and play hard. Because parking is so limited in this area, it is a nice place to live and take in all the local concerts and other attractions that go on throughout the year. The Hippodrome is just around the corner, so dinner and a play is easily on their agenda.

You’ll Love

the people and the fun. If you are a loner, this is not the place for you. Friends will want to meet at your place and start the night off from there.

A Little About Downtown Gainesville:

Shops, bars, restaurants, fine restaurants, theatre, open air concerts – the area has a lot to offer. There are newer modern condos on the upper floors and the shops and the finest of dining on the ground floor. There are newer condos within walking distance to the heart of the downtown area. Some of the homes you find here are very quaint and built of strange looking stones. One thing is for sure, everyone who lives downtown loves being so close to the nightlife.

Price Range

Rent: $870 – $1250
Buy: $145K – $260K
* Based on a 3 bed, 2 bath home.


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