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Eastside Gainesville

Eastside / Northeast Gainesville

Eccentric, homegrown, do-it-yourself, organic, vegan

The People Are

laid back, many are vegans, and want to be left alone.

Living on the Eastside

known to the locals as the Eastside. You will find many eccentric individuals who love their privacy. They are very friendly once you get to know them.

Perfect for

the laid back garden growing artsy crafty individual.

You’ll Love

the locally owned diners, restaurants, and businesses.

A Little About Eastside of Gainesville:

There are many locally owned businesses, diners, and restaurants. You can view local art displayed on their walls while you enjoy some of the best food around. Don’t be in a rush, they aren’t. Don’t be too fussy, they aren’t. Homes are less expensive here, tend to be older and expect to find additions done by the owner.

Price Range

Rent: $450 – $1200
Buy: $145K – $260K
* Based on a 3 bed, 2 bath home.

Local Grocer

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