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Near UF

Near UF

Students, faculty, busy, orange & blue

The People Are

mostly students or UF professors.

Living near UF

can be tricky. You really need to study the area. There are pockets where just students live, there are mixed areas, and then areas where only the locals or Professors reside.

Perfect for

someone wanting to be very close to UF and ride a bike or walk to work or school.

You’ll Love

how close you are on Game day. You will love how close you are to the downtown area, and how close you are to many of the open air concerts and other events that happen in the downtown area.

A Little About Near UF living:

There is no parking per se. There are pockets of just students, and pockets of just locals. The locals tend to dislike the noise from some of the students. This area is bursting during football season with lots of traffic. The location cannot be beat. Professors and students both enjoy the walk or bike ride to work/school. Older established neighborhoods with old established foliage surround this area making it a very enjoyable place to live.

Price Range

Rent: $1200 – $1,500
Buy: $60K – $550K
* Based on a 3 bed, 2 bath home.

To Stadium


minute walk



min to park