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Southeast Gainesville

Southeast Gainesville

Traditional family values, locals

The People Are

traditional, family values rule.

Living in SE Gainesville

The homes are close together and generally small. The people are the hard working pastors, bus drivers, business owners.

Perfect for

someone on a tight budget.

You’ll Love

the parks and trails and local flair.

A Little About Southeast Gainesville:

From one street to the next there are plenty of locally owned grocers and diners serving local food. The homes tend to be cheapest here from brand new to 1930’s homes that need renovation. Religion and family values are very important. People tend to be hard working and down to earth folks.

Price Range

Rent: $250 – $1200
Buy: $49K – $125K
* Based on a 3 bed, 2 bath home.


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Commute to UF

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