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Gainesville is diverse. From lofts downtown that sit atop cafes, clubs or art galleries to cute bungalows or restored Victorians by the lake that you can still easily bike or walk to the University from, we have it all. Every neighborhood has its own unique aura, from its architecture to the people who occupy these spaces. It’s hard not to find a place here where you’d just fit in, so long as you know what kind of place would fit you best.
That’s where we come in. Take a look at some of the more popular Gainesville neighborhoods and find your perfect piece of Gainesville.

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There are a million places to search for a home nowadays. You’ve probably been to some of them. We tried to make the experience of finding your Gainesville place as simple as we could. We won’t tell you that this is the only place for accurate listings – it’s not, although all the listings on this site are updated directly from the MLS in real time. That makes it more accurate than say Zillow or Trulia. More importantly, we are only a text message or phone call away, and we’ll give you our honest and professional perspective on any area, neighborhood or property, no strings attached.

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We are a collective of unique gainesvilleian real estate professionals. We are urban loft dwellers and bungalow dwellers. We are sushi and martini crowd and comfort foods aficionados. We are classic rock concert goers and indie film at the Hippodrome watchers. We are walkers and drivers and bikers. We have all the cool places in our pocket. We are agents proudly representing everything Gainesville.  We are also technophiles, using the best tools to keep our brokerage entirely green.  For you, that means online access to everything you’ll ever need on your schedule.

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