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Whenever people start thinking of buying or selling real estate they begin to look at what properties are for sale.  You want to know what they are asking and what you get for the price.  While you drive around you grab fliers, unless the boxes are empty, and hope they tell you everything you want to know.

I think that using your cell phone is a much better way to get all that information!

Last year we were the only company in the area offering a high-end phone search tool. Today there are a dozen options for consumers, all geared to making your home search easier! Here is a brief review.


Realtor.com iPhone App

Realtor.com iPhone App

The new application for the iPhone from Realtor.com is what I have been using lately.  It can use your location to show the homes for sales nearest to you, and it has an easy menu system for looking at photos or all the property details. You can also search by some basic info.

The information is very reliable because it is from the same source as the main Realtor.com site.  The info feeds out from the Realtor Association systems across the country every day straight to Realtor.com.  If you can’t find a property in the search it is probably either already under a contract OR the seller didn’t allow their real estate agent to publish the property online.

Bottom Line:

It is easy to use.      The information is reliable.    It’s free.

Smarter Agent

Smarter Agent works with many phones.

A year ago this company was on the cutting edge. The difference with this company is that they support A LOT of different phone platforms.  That means you can use it if you have something other than a smart phone.

The application can find homes near you and lets you do other searches.  It does photos, and property information as you would expect it to.

The information on this application is less reliable.  I have seen problems where a property I was standing in didn’t show up, and it has happened more than once.

Bottom Line:

This is a good tool for people who have “normal” cell phones, but beware that it isn’t always 100% accurate.

They provide information on SOLD homes, so you can see what has been going on in the area.

Your cell provider may charge you to use the service.


Gainesville Sun's Mobile Search

This service includes texting and mobile website

Many people turn to the Gainesville Sun when they look for real estate.  They are rolling out a text messaging service and mobile search webpage for you to use.

Texting Tools – send a text to 22411 that includes regs plus the MLS number of the property.  Their system will respond with a text message telling you the basics of the property (beds, baths, price) and provide a link to their website.

The Mobile Search Page – If your cell phone has a web browser you can use this service.  Just type in re.gainesville.com and you will see a search form.

Bottom Line:

This is a good tool for people who have “normal” cell phones.

This is a pre-release version at the moment, and number of photos etc. will improve.


However you decide to find your Dream Home, make sure that it adds to your experience.  Have fun and good luck!