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I came across this website today (http://dearphotograph.com/). It made me think about memories and how they turn a house into a home.


Dear Photograph, When will I have this much swag again? - tineyluu http://dearphotograph.com

In my daily routine I see a lot of buildings.  Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms… I’m looking at the quality of construction, the finish work, and evaluating the floorplan for my customer’s needs.


Dear Photograph, I wish I had as much swag then, as I do now. @landonjonez http://dearphotograph.com

I know a lot about the houses they buy and move into, but I don’t get to see the magic that happens as the family turns their new house into a home.

And then one day they call me again when it is time to move on.  New baby, new job, new life… for some reason their home isn’t right for them anymore and they want me to help them sell it.

I get to see the ghosts of their life in the house, but making it sell-able means reversing that magical thing they did – turning the home back into a house so the next family can fill it up with their imagination.

It’s the time between buying and selling the house that is important. I love my job and feel honored to help people with the big transitions they face at these times.  I’m honored by the fact that families open up to share their quirks with me, so that I can help them find a proper home.  But, I do understand that what I do is the means to an end – the goal is having a happy life.

Ok, enough nostalgia… sorry for the outpouring of sentiment.  Here is a napkin, I think I got some on your shoes.

About  http://dearphotograph.com/

The website’s thesis is to find an old photo, then go to where it was taken and take a new photo of it in the same spot.  The awareness it creates of passing time is pretty amazing.  Visit the website to see more photos, or to post your own!