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Making your life easier:

Your phone gets your location & instantly returns details about all the homes for sale nearby.


Search Homes for Sale

    • – Drive into a neighborhood you’d like to live in
    • – Easily find homes for sale near you
    • – See details & photos
    – No more grabbing fliers!

It’s always the same story – when someone is looking for a new home they spend all their free time driving around, looking at different neighborhoods and trying to find out what the homes the like are like inside.

Imagine having all the info about homes for sale around your position in the palm of your hand.  That is exactly what our new toy does!  It’s a home search application for your cell phone.

By downloading the cell phone search application we have made available, you can use your phone to search for real estate while you are on the road. The software gets your location and instantly returns information about all the homes for sale around you.

When available, it uses GPS already in your cell phone, or you can search by address, city, community or zip code.  You can see your location on a map, and view all the homes nearby for sale – and pull up details & photos on them just like you were at home on the computer! You can also search for homes that aren’t near you, or you can call an agent through the system about a home you found.  You can ask for more information or schedule a viewing on the spot.

Why is it better?

This is better than the other mobile search tools we’ve looked at because it works with GPS locations, and it is approved by and offered through your cellular provider.

1. Your cell phone provider has reviewed and APPROVED the software, which is why it is available through the download applications feature on your phone.  Download it just like a game or ring tone.  Because of that, not every phone can access it yet – only the ones it has been programmed to work with so far.

2. It has a GPS search tool.  See your location and the 10 properties closest to you on an interactive map. Zoom-in or zoom-out to get a view of the property and surrounding area. Scroll to a home to see its information. If you want to learn more about the how GPS tool can help you , visit website from Forum Groups and learn more.

3. Lots of property details are shown: Everything that you’d see on your computer when searching the MLS is available here.  It displays the address, sale price, beds/baths, square feet, estimated mortgage, and in most instances, taxes. Oh ya, and don’t forget the photos!  Map it to see the location and save it to Favorites to show family and friends.

4. If you have any questions just click a link and we’ll get a text message and an email with your question along with details about WHICH house you were looking at when you had the question.

You can download it to your phone from our website – www.we-promise.com – just enter in the type of phone you have, your service provider, and your phone number; Then the system will send you a link to install the service.

Your cell provider may charge $0 to $4 a month for access to the service, but there is no fee for the actual software. If your phone isn’t on the list that is because the software hasn’t been customized and approved by your cellular provider yet.

Please have fun with it, or pass it along if you have a friend looking at homes (or thinking of looking at homes) – they may think it is really useful.

There are no strings attached.