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It’s That Time Again

Homes for Sale in the Neighborhoods Medical Residents favor

Every year at this time many resident physicians look for great deals on housing purchases. This year will be even better for these folks since the housing prices are at an all time low, inventory is at an all time high, and financing is available. Many will  try to find that perfect home to live in for the few years they will be part of our community and sell quickly when they head back home.

One of the million things you have to do before starting work is find a place to live.  Most residents want a home near Shands. You know you’ll be busy and don’t want headaches so you want something that doesn’t require much maintenance. You also want a home that isn’t too expensive (you’re still paying off student loans) but in a safe & clean neighborhood.

SW Gainesville

Many medical residents gravitate to the SW Gainesville area, more specifically to the Longleaf, Willow Oak Plantation, Mentone, and Hickory Forest area. In the past we have seen a tremendous number of residents buy and sell in this area.
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Longleaf Real Estate Reports

Longleaf has 24 homes for sale, built between 2004 to 2010. They range in price from $186,900 to $415,755. The square foot under roof ranges from 1383 to 3045. The floor plans are great and the subdivison has a walk in pool and plenty of space at the playground and kiddie pool for the children in the neighborhood.

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Mentone has 13 homes for sale ranging in price from $179,000 to $259,900. They range in square foot from 1317 to 1968 and age runs from 1996 to 2004. Mentone also has a nice pool and playground area. Many of the trees and bushes have started to fill in and it looking like a very established neighborhood.

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Willow Oak Plantation

Willow Oak Plantation is a newer development. Homes for sale are ranging in square foot from 1402 to 2483, pricing from $156,600 to $345,000. They are newer aging from 2008 to 2010. Some are under construction yet.  It is still in the process of being built out.

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Hickory Forest

Hickory Forest is an older established development. Homes for sale are ranging from $173,000 to $239,900. Their square foot is 1480 to 1998, and the age is running 1998 to 2001.

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All these neighborhoods are minutes to UF and Shands. There is plenty of shopping and fine dining near by. It does get a little congested at rush hours of the day, but most residents don’t mind because they are usually working during rush hour anyway.


When I checked the MLS system today for properties in Gainesville, there are 363 homes for sale between $175,000 to $250,000 for these budding professional to shop. They range in square foot under roof from 999 to 3140.  The locations of these properties varies, but none are too far away from UF and Shands Hospital.

Short Sales are Short

And there are only 35 short sales in this grouping. It is a great market for any buyers still and the financing is getting easier to lock in. The rates are very good, especially for anyone with a credit score above 720.

Condo Market

The condo market is a bit different. There are 97 condos for sale between $175,000 and $250,000. They range from 837 to 2526 square foot under roof, and their age ranges between 1972 to 2008.  Some condo’s are having trouble qualifying for financing because Fannie Mae isn’t insuring some bank loans.