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Here in Gainesville, FL Shands Teaching Hospital just sent out acceptance letters for next year’s medical residents.  Congratulations for those of you who were accepted!


6308sw84thterrace_frontsmOne of the million things you have to do before starting work is find a place to live.  Most residents want a home near Shands.

Make this easier on yourself and let us help you.

We know you’ll be busy and don’t want headaches that might come with home ownership, you want something that doesn’t require much maintenance. You also want a home that isn’t too expensive (you’re still paying off student loans after all) but in a safe & clean neighborhood.

We can meet you over a 2-3 day trip to Gainesville, have a tailored list of homes ready for you to see, and find the right home for you before you leave.

Places to live in Gainesville

Here is a list of places to live in Gainesville that other residents liked.  These neighborhoods have many homes available between $150,000 and $300,000 – and they are conveniently located within a 20 minute commute.

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SW Gainesville & Archer Road

Shands, UF, and the VA hospital are all on SW Archer road and very close to each other.  There are several communities along Archer Road that are within a 30 min drive during rush hour which are popular with residents.

Hickory Forest

Market Update
This community was built in the late 1990’s and is generally made up of 1-story frame homes with great room and split-bedroom floor plans.
Homes for Sale in Hickory Forest

Haile Plantation

Market Update
Started in the mid-1980’s there are still a few lots being built on in Haile. There are around 1,000 homes but they are tucked away into smaller sub-sections that each have their own personality. The heart of Haile is The Village Center and the Golf & Country Club.
Homes for Sale in Haile Plantation


Market Update
This is a new community, with 4 phases planned it is half way through development. The beach-entry pool and 24 hr fitness center are highlights here. Also – the monthly fees include front yard maintenance – so you don’t need to worry a lot about mowing! It is developed by Robinshore and Tommy Williams.
Homes for Sale in Longleaf

NW Gainesville

There are some areas in NW Gainesville with easy commutes along I-75 that are less expensive to buy in.

Ellis Park

Market Update
Ellis Park is a relatively new neighborhood being developed by Robinshore. Phase 2 is under construction now.
Homes for sale in Ellis Park


Market Update
This neighborhood was built in the 1990’s and has been completed for years. The homes are +/- 2000 sqft and prices range from $200k to $300k for the most part.
Homes for Sale in Broadmoor


There are also condos in downtown Gainesville with more to do nearby them that are much closer to Shands / UF and prices have come down to make them more affordable for a resident’s salary.

Union Street Station

Market Update

Condos For Sale at Union Street Station

Condos For Sale at Union Street Station

This condo community is in the heart of downtown. Many people affiliated with the University of Florida live here and bike to campus or Shands. There are also many professionals who work in the courthouse and nearby legal offices who live here.

On the ground floor there are shops and restaurants, the second floor houses offices, and the top three floors are condos.  There is a private interior courtyard for the residents. The security system controls access to the elevators on the ground floor and the parking garage on the third floor.

Living here is about privacy, convenience, and being in the center of the action (such as it is) in Gainesville.

Condos for sale in USS

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