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Offer Date

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You want to be Welcomed Home

When you make an  offer on a property, it may take 30 to sometimes even 60 days or longer to close on this property (hand over the money and get the keys).

Although you are excited, if the seller is busy they don’t want to entertain you every week end while you show all your friends and relatives the home you are buying. So, you may get in to see the property one time to do your inspections, and MAYBE another time to measure, but more than likely the next time will be the day before or of closing.

One Last Peek

You should never buy a property without doing a walk-thru either the the day before or the morning of closing. If you are out of town, see if your agent or a friend can look for you. You never know what may have happened to the home since your last visit.

Many times the home is in perfect condition, but every once in a while something surprises you… either the power was turned off and the frig now stinks, or the seller took the frig with them, or maybe the washer and dryer are now missing.

It’s best to find these things before you sign everything and take ownership.  Your agent can still talk to the seller for you and negotiate a fair way to make it right.

After the Closing

It is much harder to negotiate with the seller if you find a problem after the closing.  (So many things can go wrong that it is simply crazy not to do a walk thru prior to closing!)

If you do find a problem after you move in there are a few steps to take.  First, do what you need to do to stop any ongoing damage (if the roof leaks for example), then call your agent and ask them about your options.  You might have coverage under a home warranty, or the sellers may be able to help with repairs, but it all depends on the situation.