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Are Home Prices Recovering in Belmont?

If we take new homes out of the mix we are looking at an average of $104/sqft in 2011 and and slight increase to $105/sqft in 2012. It’s hard for older homes to complete with the shiny new homes that the builder offers, and that’s reflected in the lower prices – these homes sold for about $30,000 less last year.

What Homes are Selling in Alachua County?

Since it takes longer to sell homes, and so many homes have to keep adjusting their prices, a lot of people are asking what homes are selling in Alachua County. The hottest zip codes are 32608 and 32605 – they account for 1 in 4 sales this year.  These zip codes...
Home on the Santa Fe River

Home on the Santa Fe River

We got a chance to spend some time on the Santa Fe river this week while showing some customers this home. The Santa Fe River was clear and looking beautiful, so I grabbed some video to share with you. Summertime is in full swing on the river – there were some...