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When your carpet was installed, it should have come with information about cleaning and stain removal.  If  you do not have this information, it’s better to be SAFE than SORRY!  Contact Knoxville Carpet Cleaning – Super Kleen Services before trying any home remedies.

carpetfibersUnderstanding what your carpet is made of can help keep it cleaner and stain-free!  Although some carpets are made from a blend of fibers, most are made solely from one of these four:

  • Nylon.  The most widely used fiber.  It is strong and wears well.  It is fairly easy to clean but not very stain resistant.  If your carpet is nylon, you may want to have a professional carpet cleaner give it a stain-resistant treatment.
  • Polypropylene.  Used in Berber-style carpets.  Polypropylene is extremely stain resistant and may even be cleaned using bleach if the manufacturer allows it. Use bleach sparingly and wisely.  Not only is it rough on fabrics and fibers, but it is not healthy for the environment.
  • Polyester.  Often seen in plush-pile carpet.  Polyester is easily cleaned and resists water-soluble stains.
  • Wool.  The most expensive carpet fiber.  Wool is easy to clean and has some natural resistance to water and staining.  However, wool fibers can break down easily, and care must be taken in cleaning or treating wool carpets.

Whatever kind of carpet you have, it is worth it to invest in a professional stain-guard treatment every time you have it professionally cleaned.  This will help your carpet repel many stains that would otherwise soak in and become part of the carpet fibers.

Stay tuned next week for some helpful tips on removing coffee, tea, pet and other stains!!

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