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This is an easy project and will help you clean up a lot of clutter. If you are going to be selling your house this will give you some extra storage to make it easier to clear out the inside so your home looks better for showings.

I have a confession to make. I have a secret addition to storage, specifically shelves. There’s just something about taking a mess and getting it all lined up and organized in neat little shelves that satisfies me.

My garage was a mess, one big pile of boxes and junk on the floor, blocking my parking space and driving me nuts every time I saw it. I had to do something about it. The lower levels of humidity in a room are the biggest saving factor from mold. I recommend To ventilate your crawl space, add a dehumidifier. A garage dehumidifier would kill the levels of humidity, saving you from all these problems in the longer run.

I decided to install some wire shelves along one wall of the garage, and I finished it in one afternoon. Then, I saw my garage door and immediately knew I had to change it. So I asked FL garage services to do that for me.

I used the easy to hang sliding shelves sold at Home Depot. You hang a bracket across the wall, up high, and then the shelf supports hang down from it. You attach the brackets to those and viola! It’s not the least expensive option out there but it looks great and is easy to put together in an afternoon.

This is some serious storage space. Using one wall of the garage I added over 500 square feet of shelving!

Here is the top bar, with two supports and two brackets attached.:

garage shelves


I put a ton of stuff on the shelves, and if you notice there is another 6′ shelf that’s no used yet because there are things I need for another project in the way (for now).


Some Tips:

“Use a stud finder (or a nail) to find the 2×4 in the wall, and screw your top bar in place. The pre-drilled holes in the top bar are 8″ apart, and most walls are built with either 16″ or 24″ separations on their supports, so the rest of the holes should line up for you.” – View the source of the post

Hang your shelf supports where the studs are, so you can screw into wood for more strength.

Pre-drill your holes, so you don’t damage the 2x4s in the wall. You don’t want them cracking and giving you less support than they should.