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Finding out which condos are on the FHA approved list is important, so you know what kind of financing is available if you are buying or selling a condo.

Approved by FHA

FHA approval important for loans

FHA approval is important for getting loans

To get approved by the FHA the condo association has to submit paperwork showing that the association is managed by the owners, not the developer, and that the developer owns no more than 10% of the condos.  After the FHA confirms the information the condo project goes onto the approved list, and lenders know that they can re-sell loans made on the project.  If lenders can’t resell loans their costs are higher and that means they either won’t give the loans or they will offer them at higher interest rates.

Here is the website to search the list of approved condos.

I am working on getting a condo put onto the list and I will post updates as we move through the process!