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Hearst Mansion

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Properties selling for $500,000 or more are considered Luxury Homes in Alachua County.  This usually includes properties in or near the City of Gainesville but sometimes includes outlying country homes with acreage.

There have been 13 sales this year where the owners were asking $500,000 or more for their homes when they went under contract.

The Median

The median size  of these homes was 3,700 square feet (ranging from 3,000 sqft to 5,100 sqft).  They had 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and a half bath.

The median age was 5 years old (ranging from built in 1987 to 2010).

The median selling price was $595,000 (ranging from $490,000 to $1,150,000).  These homes were originally listed for $689,000 and overally they barely reduced their asking prices during the 230 days they waited to receive a contract.

The homes sold for 93% of their original asking prices, and 95% of their asking price at the time they received a contract.

None of these homes were short sales, one was a foreclosure.

11 were in Gainesville or near enough to still be in the city.  3 of them had an acre or more of land.

Homes Available Today

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