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Turkey Creek Golf Course

Turkey Creek is a large community just 10 minutes North of the hustle and bustle of Gainesville, on Hwy 441 (13th Street).

With over 1,200 homes this is a healthy and vibrant community and it is still slowly growing and changing.

From their official website: Turkey Creek is characterized as a community of open spaces, wide vistas, estate and villas lots located along the banks of Turkey Creek, in the shadow of San Felasco Forest Preserve, on the golf course, and with several distinctive homes and condominium residences located throughout the community.

With hundreds of acres of native hardwoods, pine trees, a spring-fed lake, ponds, and creek residents and visitors can enjoy living in harmony with the area’s natural beauty. There is a mixture of homes from the 1970’s to 2009 that vary from inexpensive condos to 4,000 sqft homes.  The binding thread between residents is the desire to live a little more slowly with a little more room than you can find in most other areas, and to enjoy nature in the process.

The centerpiece of the neighborhood is a large, beautiful, and newly updated golf course which is dotted with ponds and live oaks.  It’s great even if you don’t golf because it adds so much breathing room to the neighborhood.

You don’t have to head into town every time you want a meal, drink, or to visit with friends. At the Turkey Creek Golf & Country Club there is MULLIGAN’S SPORTS BAR & GRILLE.

Turkey Creek Country Club

Turkey Creek Country Club

We just held a party at our new listing for the neighbors.  When asked tell us their favorite things about living here we got these responses:

“It is semi-rural here, and more laid back”

“People are friendlier – they wave to you on the road”

“With the country club there is a lot of open land around that I get to enjoy, without having to maintain it”

“I can golf before work any day I want to.”