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Union Street Station

Union Street Station is a unique building ahead of its time when it was built in 2000.

Some of the finest restaurants and greatest boutiques in Gainesville are found on the ground floor. The second floor is cluttered with office space… Many suits pass thru these halls on a daily basis.

The third and fourth floors are only for the residents. This area is secured and unless you have a pass code or key, you wont be entering  this area. The large central courtyard is a nice space to relax, get to know your neighbors, and cook up a storm on the community grill.

Real Estate Market Update

There is one condo available for sale as of this writing. It is a smaller condo – 998 sq ft. They are asking $187,000. This comes out to approx. $187/ sq ft. It has been on the market for 131 days.These are all condos, some are 1 story and most are 2 story.

There is another townhome that went under contract recently waiting for the process to close. It is approx 1831 sq ft. They were asking $219,000. We wont know the sold price until after it is closed. It was only on the market 79 days before it went under contract. The asking price per sq ft was $119.

There were 2 that closed since June 1 of this year. They were 1107 and 1823 sq ft. They closed out at $173,000 and $205,000. They sat on the market 47 and 337 days before going under contract. And their price per square foot is $156 and $112.

Vital Center of Gainesville

The best part of living here, is not that you get to watch all the activity below nor that  the Hippodrome is so close… It is that you can get a buzzer from your favorite restaurant and take it back to your home while you wait for a table.  It will buzz right there in your condo.  Imagine – no more standing in line with the rest of us.

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