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Millhopper RoadIf you have not had the pleasure of driving on Millhopper Road, do it. The branches from the trees seem to drape above the road, and certain times of year there are purple blossoms hanging down. It is a beautiful drive. And I guess that is the attraction to many people living in that area. Home prices with range greatly. There are beautiful exclusive estates, to the more modesty classy funky home.

Market Activity

As of this writing, there are 33 homes for sale along this road.

They come with at least .33 acres to a whopping 4.03 acres and range in living area from 1,244 to 4,889 square feet. Their ages vary from 1976 to 2008.

The  asking prices have a huge range, starting at only $185,000 going up to $1,290,000. These homes have been on the market between 14 days to almost a year. The asking price per square foot runs from $61 to $286.

If you do happen to end up buying in this area, you wont be disappointed with the birds, trees, and wild life that surrounds the area.

Recent Sales

Six homes have recently been sold and are waiting to close. The land measure is between  .33 to 1.07 acre. The buildings are between 1411 to 4028 square foot, and they had been on the market from 52 to 406 days before they went under contract. Their asking  prices ranged from $236,000 to $645,000, with price per square foot being $94 to $137 . We wont know the sale price until they are closed. Most closings happen with 30 days of the contract date.

There were 8 sales in this area since June of this year. The lot sizes ranged from .4 to 1.73 acres. Their square foot (heated and cooled) ranted from 1953 to 3856. The years built were 1977 to 2004. They closed at $236,000 to $645,000, being on the market 52 to 406 days. And their price per square foot ranged from $94 to $406. Depending on the subdivision along this road, you can have more modest smaller homes and lots, to acres with large estates. You pick!