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Blues Creek is tucked away off  NW 43rd St. The neighborhood has a pool, tennis courts,  and a nice clubhouse.

The homes vary from patio style homes with zero lot lines (the association takes care of everything external, even pressure washing the siding once a year), to custom built luxury homes with larger lots.


Because buyers are focusing on southwest Gainesville there have been fewer sales in Blues Creek and demand is lower than normal.  As a result prices in Blues Creek are restrained.  This provides an excellent opportunity for buyers to take advantage of the market.  Don’t plan to buy today and sell tomorrow at a profit, but you can get much more house in the NW now than for many years in the past.

On the Market Now

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Larger & Luxury Homes

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The larger homes range from 2,166 to 2,933 square feet. There are 8 for sale, asking an average of $121 per square foot. These were also built between 1993 to 2006, and the asking price is $250,000 to $389,900.

Patio Homes in The Gardens

4 of the homes for sale are in the patio homes section, called The Gardens. The homes range from 1,121 to 1,380 square feet and the sellers are asking from $149,900 to $195,000. The average asking price per square foot is $127.68. These homes were built between 1996 and 2006.

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There is one Patio home under contract. It is 1207 square feet, built in 2004, and the asking price is $138,900. They are asking  $115 per square foot. Let’s watch this one to see what it closes out at. This property was a foreclosed property.

What’s Selling?

One home in the Patio section closed out at $157,900. It went for $130.82 per square foot. It was built in 2005 and was 1207 square feet.

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