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Homes for Sale in Broadmoor

There were 3 new homes for sale in Broadmoor last month, and 3 that were just listed in March are already under contract.

Here is a link to homes for sale in Broadmoor in case you want to see the details of each house.

The 7 homes on the market now average an asking price of $265k and 2,085 sqft ($130/sqft).  That is down from the original list prices by about $6k.

Recent Sales

Three homes sold during the month, that is nearly 30% of the homes available at the moment.  That is a healthy rate of sales, showing that demand remains for Broadmoor homes and buyers are out there.

The homes that sold in April 2009 sold for an average of $239k (down from their original asking price of $248k).  They averaged 2,161 sqft ($115/sqft) and were on the market 112 days.

Waiting to Close

The homes under contract were listed a bit lower than the ones still waiting for a buyer – averaging $122/sqft asking price.  They have only been on the market about 2 months and didn’t have any price reductions.

Want more info?

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