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Luxury homes in the Gainesville Florida area have felt the real estate slow down.

Turnberry Lake just west of Gainesville Florida is one of the luxury subdivisions that have seen the brunt of the slowing real estate market.

Want some history? Click here for June 2009 update for Turnberry Lake

What’s for Sale

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There are 8 homes on the market right now. Seven of these homes were listed when we last spoke.

The sellers are asking from $389,000 to $795,000. These are larger homes, ranging from 2,413 to 4,253 square feet and they were built no later than 2005. Three of these homes are owned by the builder (G.W.Robinson) and it appears they have never been lived in.

The average days on the market is 586 (yes, coming up on two years now)!

The average price per square foot they are asking is $170. Some homes are listed for more or less taking into account special features one home may have over another, or the size of the lots.

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What’s Actually Sold?

There is one home that recently went under contract and is waiting to close. It is a builder home (new construction) and was built in 2009. (2916 square foot, asking $178 per square foot, and the asking price is $373,938.)

One has closed in Turnberry since June of 2009. It was built in 2005, 3551 sq ft at a low per square foot of $134, is sold at $475,000. Note this was a bank owned (foreclosed) property and was sold as-is.

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We will take another look at Turnberry Lake in March 2010 to see what the market trend is for luxury homes in this area. See you then!