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Cobblefield was developed by the well-respected local builder GW Robinson and most of the homes in the community could be considered luxury. The builder is well known for his attention to detail and highly ornamented trim work.

Cobble Field
Homes for Sale in Cobble Field

There are 11 homes for sale in Cobblefield at the moment.  For details of each home, photos, etc. you can click on the photo above.

    3 – avg $324,000
    2 -avg $379,000
    2 – avg $387,000
    2 -avg $392,000
    1 at $459,900
    1 at $635,900

Sales History

There have been two sales in May and only three sales this year. May’s sales were both in Dunnideer.  They sold at an average of $148/sqft and for $16k and $70k less than they were originally asking.

There are also 4 homes under contract and waiting to close.  They are asking an average of $148/sqft and range in price from $300,000 to $590,000.