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Eloise Gardens is another newer neighborhood off SW 91st St. It’s model was Haile Plantation. Since most of the lots in Haile Plantation had been built on, yet the demand was still strong, builders with insight nabbed this large parcel and subdivided it.

There are about 120 home sites in Eloise Gardens, with a handful still owned by the builders who are waiting for that perfect buyer.

Homes for Sale

Home for Sale in Eloise Gardens

Home for Sale in Eloise Gardens

As of this writing there are 8 active listings. The lot sizes range from .25 to .33 acres, which is very typical for this neighborhood.  The homes sizes range from a smaller 1,660 sq ft home to a large 3,340 sq ft home. (heated and cooled area of course!)

The asking prices for these properties range from $270,000 up to $499,000. Some are only 6 days on the market and some have been on the market for almost a year.

The per sq ft pricing ranges from $112.82/sq ft up to $168.61/sq ft (heated and cooled.) Note the largest home isn’t the highest per sq ft.

Recent Sales

Since the first of the year only two homes have closed and the new buyers moved in. Both were builder homes and both were listed last summer (2008) and closed in June 2009. They closed at $161 and $153 /sqft.

A Little History

The new homes were built at a fast pace: 2004 started with only 5 closings; 2005 and 2006 had 30 and 35 respectively with one or two private sales.  In 2007 things were slowing a little with 16 closings and 2008 saw only 10 sales. Also in 2008 the sales shifted more heavily toward resale of existing homes – approximately 50% were privately owned properties that sold.