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It’s almost time for the 2009 Spring Parade of Homes here in Gainesville, FL.

Parade Of Homes

Parade Of Homes

In case you don’t know, that’s an annual showcase of the best new homes for sale that local builders have to offer. The homes range from luxury to affordable. It’s semi-annual really, because there is also a smaller Fall Parade of homes.

The week before doors open to the public the local builders invite real estate agents in to pre-view the homes. Realtors go where the food is, so the local builders put out a beautiful spread today for the Parade pre-view. Here are some of the highlights.

All week there are different builders letting us into their very special homes, some of which are already sold! That’s great news for the real estate market, but not so great for people looking to buy what they see off the shelf.

2009 Parade of Homes from Seide Realty on Vimeo.

What I learned today:

Robinshore has designed some new models that are much more efficient with their space.  What I mean is that a smaller 1,600 sqft house can feel like an ~1,800 sqft house if you don’t waste space with lots of halls & walkways.  They are offering them at great prices – about $200k for a standard home or $250k for one that is decked out. They are building in Longleaf and Ellis Park.

Brytan includes fiber optic networking in their monthly assn dues.   They call it Brytlink and it is provided through GRU.  It can be a lot more than just high speed internet (5 meg up & down) – you can use it for remote home monitoring, internet phone service, HDTV, home networking, home theatre..

The association dues at Tower 24 include exterior maintanence, at least for the row-style homes.  I’m not sure if the more traditional homes along the back have this feature also.