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This is a real estate market analysis for Summit Oaks, a subdivision in NW Gainesville Florida located on NW 39th Ave east of  I-75 in Alachua County.

With fewer than 100 homes in our neighborhood it isn’t surprising that there is not a lot of sales activity seen in Summit Oaks. The activity we have had over the last few years mirrors the Gainesville real estate market pretty closely though.


Homes for Sale in Summit Oaks

Homes For Sale

There is 1 home for sale right now – a 3/2 with a pool. (Click here to see detailed info on the home).

Summit Oaks Real Estate Update

Summit Oaks Real Estate Update

Sales History

The average price per square foot increased over the years, and peaked in 2007 at $139. In 2008 it was hovering at $128/sqft – which is the same as we saw in 2005 before the real estate bubble took off.

That ties into the average selling price pretty closely, which peaked at almost $260,000 in 2006 and dropped to $214,000 last year.

There have been no sales yet this year to provide us any stats.

Overall Summit Oaks is a nice place to live, and people who move in tend to stay here for years.