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Kathleen Seide

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Forget what you think you know about real estate agents.

I Won’t…

  • I won’t talk about “How Beautiful!” every house we see is
  • I won’t tell you what you want to hear
  • I won’t make up answers to your questions
  • I won’t push you into buying anything
  • I’m not a morning person, I try not to schedule meetings before 10am

I Will…

  • Answer and return your calls, emails, and texts… after 10am
  • Look for defects and problem areas in the homes we see together
  • Listen when you talk about your needs, wants, and lifestyle
  • Give you an honest picture of the local real estate market
  • Answer your questions or find someone who can.

I am a full-time REALTOR® in Gainesville, FL. My customers love my ability to understand their needs, and my sincere desire to help them make the choices that are right for THEM.



I was born in Wisconsin and raised in the Florida Keys, and it was an awesome place to grow up.  The ocean was my playground and I was certified to scuba dive at the age of 10 yrs old.  When we weren’t out on the water I wasn’t at the beach, I was exploring the historical homes and hotels in downtown Key West because they fascinated me.

But… being surrounded by the water I always dreamed of living in the trees.  There were no forests in the keys and the tallest trees were all short enough to survive a hurricane.

In 1993 I was offered an early admission to UF on a full scholarship, allowing me to finish high school during my freshman year of college. I jumped at the chance and during college fell in love with Gainesville.  They call it tree city for a reason, and I started exploring the countryside almost immediately.  I graduated UF in 1997 with honors, earning a BFA in sculpture.

What does one do with an art degree? Well, I took it to a computer company in the area and started an accounting career. (Yes, it is a bit of a non-sequitur.) After years on the job learning data analysis and computer skills I began to think about changing direction. A couple years earlier my parents had moved to Gainesville. My mother tried retirement, but within a few months had signed on at a local real estate firm because she wanted to meet new people and be part of the community. By the time I was considering my career change her business was almost more than she could handle.

Both of my parents have been in the real estate business as long as I can remember, and talk at the dinner table was ALWAYS about sales. As a child I hated it and knew I would never get into the family business… then I grew up and realized how awesome it is to help people take such an exciting step in their lives.

Education: BFA from the University of Florida
Professional Memberships: National Association of REALTORS®, Florida Association of REALTORS®, GACAR, BANCF
Designations: Certified New Home Sales Professional, Broker
Experience: Co-Owner of Seide Realty, Marketing Manager, Computers & Technology application, Data Analysis