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I spend a lot of time surfing the web for news & information. When I find a website or story I’d like to share it can be hard to point out the important parts and give context at the same time. I and up pasting a link to a web page into an email, and then copying the paragraph I thought was worth pointing out.

Awesome Highlighter

Get It Free

In walks Awesome Highlighter

This is a free little program that works with your internet browser.

– When you find something you want to share you click a button to turn on the highlighter.
– Just highlight the text you want to show off.
– A.H. makes a new web address for the highlighted page you made – just copy the new URL that shows up in the A.H. toolbar and send it off.

Awesome Highlighter is offered two ways – as a bookmarklet or as a plug-in for your browser that you have to download and install.  It’s like a little program that piggy-backs on Firefox or Internet Explorer (and maybe others).  I’m using the plug-in and it seems to work great, but if you don’t use Firefox you’ll have to try the bookmarklet version.

Click here to go to the Awesome Highlighter download & instruction page.

Test it out

Here is this very page highlighted.

I’m happily going to start using this all the time, try it out and it may make your life a little easier too.