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I’m not talking about baseball here – the UF bat house has collapsed.

UF Bat House near Lake Alice

UF Bat House near Lake Alice

Located next to Lake Alice on the University of Florida Campus, the bat house has been home to around 200,000 bats who eat up around a TON of insects each night (literally)! Apparently all that tonnage was more than the building was designed to hold and it just gave out, killing about 100 bats.

“Portions of the colony may seek other places to occupy, so people should be vigilant and observe the usual precautions, such as never touch a bat on the ground, report such findings to wildlife or pest management professionals, or to UF for advice and assistance,” Glover said.

Read more about it here or here.

Want to Help?

Donations for a new UF bat house may be sent to the Florida Bat Conservancy at http://www.floridabats.org.