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Gary and meFor those of you who don’t know, my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2002.  He’s been through so many treatments, and I always thought that one of them would cure him.

Unfortunately, the cancer is back again and there’s no treatment this time.

Watching my husband slowly lose his vitality is the most difficult thing I’ve ever been faced with, and it’s given me a new perspective on life, love, and compassion.  I’ve chosen to stay at home with him until the end. Treasuring our limited time together is my priority now.

It will a while before I’m back to work full-time, doing the extra things I love – like blogging.  I hope you understand and are still interested in what I have to say when I come back.


You Can Help Us

One way you can help me is by helping our business stay strong while I am on leave.

I’m lucky that I have the most amazing business partner ever.  Bonnie is taking the lead on all things Seide Realty for the business so I can take care of my husband and spend time with him at home.

All the extra stuff I do that isn’t directly tied to helping our customers is on hold for now; I’m not doing things like blogging here or doing brand-awareness advertising.

Right now we are counting on referrals from friends and customers.  If you are moving or know someone who needs to move please tell them about our services.

I’m hoping you can help keep Bonnie busy for me while I am in the background.

On another note, here are some great resources I came across while trying to make sense out of losing my husband and being there for him while I can.


Helping You

You can still get awesome service from Seide Realty, even though I’m not blogging at the moment.

If you have questions or need help with your real estate issues we’d love to work for you.
(EX: Wondering why the home next door is asking so much, or sold for so little?  Need advice on whether to rent or to sell your home?)

Just email Bonnie to get started.  She will send you advice customized for your situation.


Helping others

Good (end of) Life


This is a simple and straightforward site with worksheets you can use to help make your end of life easier.

Most people avoid even writing their will until it’s too late because we don’t want to think about our mortality. To that group – I’m sorry for bringing this up. It’s scary and painful, I know.

But… if you can make your loved one’s passing easier and more full of love then why avoid a difficult subject? If you can make it easier on the people you leave behind then man up and do a little planning.

How not to say the wrong thing


Comfort IN, Dumping OUT – this is a simple explanation of how to help people if they are doing through difficult times.

Never know what to say when someone has just told you some horrible news?  You aren’t alone. Soo… if you are lost and not sure what to say or how to help, this is fairly good advice to follow.


Ending on a Fun Note – Our Sword Project

Gary and I have spent the last ten years living an amazing life filled with exciting sports (cave diving, spelunking, kayaking, traveling, fine dining).  He hasn’t been strong enough for most of those things in the last few years, but we’ve been able to find new things to share that don’t wear him down.

Gary decided that he wanted a life-sized version of a fantasy sword his RPG character uses.  So I pulled my sculpture degree off the shelf, dusted it off, and started building him a sword. It’s been a fun project, so I thought I’d share a few photos with you.