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Do you ever have a stroke of genius at an inconvenient time, like while driving, and then forget you even thought of something interesting by the time you can write it down?

phonehandBe a Superstar!

With my Jott.com service I can call in to their number (on my phone’s speed dial) and just speak my message out loud.  The Jott system will transcribe what I say and send the message where I told it to.

I can tell it to email me, or text me a reminder at a certain time.  It can email anyone on the contact list I maintain and it recognizes who I want to send to by my voice, no typing or remembering IDs.  I can even have it update my calendar or post to Facebook for me.  All without typing and as easy as leaving myself a voice mail.

All of  a sudden I had No more forgotten to-do items!

Cost & Alternatives

The Jott.com service I use costs about $25/year.  You can sign up for a trial account to see what you think.

I think it is totally worth it however since I signed up there is a competing website out there where the service is still free – Dialtodo.com. (Jott used to offer the basic service for free once-upon-a-time.) Dialtodo’s website seems a little clunkier, which is expected since they are a bit behind on development time, but I tested the service out and it seems to work well.


Either Jott or Dialtodo can be linked up to a BUNCH of different web services, so you never have to type things in or hope to remember to update or research something later.

Now, get out there and use your new superpower!