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I thought this was really worth sharing. If you are looking for a rental you really need to double check that you know who owns the property and that they are up-to-date on their mortgage (if there is one).

Another “amzng deal” from Nigeria

There is another scam from Nigeria going around, where some guy lists homes for rent on Craig’s list but he doesn’t own them or have any right to rent them out.

Here is a link to Sarah Stelmok’s blog  “sarahiouslyspeaking.com” where she has posted her correspondence with the potential thief who was trying to rent out Sarah’s property!

Homes for Rent in Gainesville


Click for Rentals near Shands & UF

There are plenty of places for rent in Gainesville and you may not find a deal as amazing as the anonymous guy from Nigeria will offer you, at least you can find legitimate owners.  The photo to the right is a link to homes for rent near Shands & the VA, and there are many more available in the MLS or directly from legitimate property management companies around town.

What about buying?

OR – if you are sick of the neighbors throwing parties at 3am when you need to wake up for work you might think about buying a house… there hasn’t been a more affordable housing market in a long time.