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Yes, we did just recently open our own real estate firm called Seide Realty. Most people we meet agree that it was a good idea to start our company when we did, glad you think so too!

Our Reasons

I’ve always worked for a broker or owner and have always had my ideas distorted when the owner/broker would put them into action.  They had their own ideas or they would take mine and change them – their essence would usually be lost. My daughter felt the same way. She is extremely talented and has some great marketing ideas, but never got credit for her work.

So, after a family conference, my daughter & I (with my husband’s support) decided to open “Seide Realty”.

Love your Job

We are trying to create a work place that was everything we always wanted in an office environment, & where our agents would love to work and customers would be amazed at the service they receive.  The office itself is warm & inviting, and our policies of making it as easy as possible to work remotely save so much time & hassle!


Work hard & Play hard!

New Opportunities

If you are looking for a career change, come check us out. You will be amazed what you could learn and how good you will feel when your customers remain loyal AND they send you rave reviews!

…and when we invite you to our pool cook-outs we promise to make you feel welcome!