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If you are one of the gazillion home owners that had to move away before selling your home you are facing the same worries and concerns of other absentee owners.  On top of paying for the costs for two homes you wonder if the lawn looks good, if the a/c is set too high or too low, and whether your real estate agent is keeping the flier box stuffed.

Selling Your Home Long-Distance

Distance Dealing

Distance selling can work

You can sell your home from out-of-town without pulling out your hair. We have a special toolbox put together just for making life easy for you.

“You did an outstanding job in a very depressed market! We live out of town so (Bonnie & Kathleen) did everything from arranging for a cleaning service to minor repairs. They waited for repairmen and checked on their work afterward so I did not have to return to Gainesville to sell our condo! Thanks!”
– Neil Shapiro (Seller, Union Street Station)

#1 Information, Information!

As an out-of-town seller you can easily lose touch with the local market.  We give you regular updates on changes to the market so you know what is going on.

  • What are other homes closing for?
  • How many real buyers are out there?
  • What homes are buyers looking at, and how does their pricing compare to your home?

Here are some generalized reports we publish on local neighborhoods:

#2 Getting Ready for a Beauty Contest

Your house is in a competition, and it needs to look it’s best to win.  Since you aren’t here it’s hard to make sure everything is perfect.  We help you with preparing your listing, staging, and coordinating contracts for any touch-ups that need to be done.  We also help coordinate cleaners, lawn services, etc.

#3 Finding a Buyer

You want to know that your agent is working diligently to find you a buyer, but because you aren’t here you don’t get to see first-hand what is being done to market your home and what is getting left out.

We write out our marketing plan for you and send you samples of what we are doing, so you know that your home is being marketed extensively.

Then we give you regular reports of activity – showings, website tracking, missing fliers, and anything else specific to your home.

#4 Low-Stress Contracts and Closing

Once you get an offer we walk you through the paperwork and make sure all your questions are answered, so you feel comfortable with your contract and pricing.  We use technology to make it easy for you to review and sign paperwork from where you are, on your schedule.

  • Online Document Management Tools
  • Digital Signatures
    You can sign documents online, so you don’t need access to a printer or fax to respond to an offer right away.
  • Mail-Away closings
    You can have the closing paperwork sent to you, so you don’t have to leave your new home.

Get Started on Your New Life

You have enough to worry about in your new home – a new job, new schools for the kids, unpacking and setting up your household.  Maybe even the prospect of moving again once you sell your home in Gainesville.  There is a reason you are not here anymore – and that reason keeps you busy where you are.

Do yourself a favor

If you can find a local professional who you trust to handle the sale of your home you will not regret it.

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Thanks to Ines at Miamism for making me wonder why I hadn’t written this before!