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Thinking of selling your home?

Now is not the best time to ask top dollar, but there are buyers out there trying to get the jump on the first time home buyer tax credit deadline. The market has activity. Grab a piece of it.

Perk Up Your Home to Attract a Buyer

  • Start with the curb. Stand out on your curb and just look at your home. What do you see? Do the gutters need cleaning? Does the house need painting? How about those bushes? Haven’t trimmed them lately? As you look, start a list and add up what the cost would be if you hired someone to do the work. That is what a buyer will see and this is what they will do. Even though most buyers will never paint the house, they will charge you for the cost by deducting it from their offer.
  • Walk in the front door. Again, what do you see? Write down everything that looks like it needs attention and put the dollar amount behind it. Be generous because the buyer will be.
  • Walk thru your whole house, back yard and garage.  Making the list and checking it twice.
  • Now tally up the total. And you wonder why you aren’t getting full price offers!

Get your house in shape for the buyer. They are very savvy these days and don’t want to do ANY work on a house before they move in.  Call us if you want some good advice on how to stage and show your home.