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First impressions count so much that if your house lacks curb appeal you might miss out on a lot of prospects.  With a little money and some elbow grease you can make some major changes to the way your house looks from the street.


I like dealing with the plants first, so that they have time to fill in before a home goes onto the market.

  • Clean up and trim landscaping
  • Add plants and lay chips in the flower beds where necessary
  • Clear all debris/chips/branches away from the foundation of the house
  • Make sure the entrance to your front door is well defined and easy to walk on.  There should be a path that buyers can use without tripping or being snagged by the bushes.
  • Add welcoming plants near the entrance if there is plenty of room.
  • Tidy up your yard; put away hoses, trash cans, etc.

Remember, your buyer wants to see your home’s architectural features so don’t hide your home behind untended bushes.

Clean off the Roof

Remove any leaves or debris from roof,  clean stained roof tiles where you can, & clean out all the gutters.

When you are ready to sell your house you want buyers to feel like it has been well maintained.

Pressure Wash

This is Florida, and everything gets dirty in a short amount of time if it’s left alone.  Pressure wash the walkways, drive way, & curbs.

You might want to pressure wash the house also – if your siding can handle it (check with an expert).

Make sure to avoid the windows and be careful about letting water into the house.  You can cause damage to insulated windows or force water behind the siding if you aren’t careful.


Give a fresh coat of paint to the entrance that buyers will be using.

The front door itself should be painted but don’t forget the door trim.  Clean up the garage door, especially if it faces the street.

If the siding needs it then paint the house, otherwise freshen up any areas that need it.

If It’s Broken, Fix It

Inspect the property for any damage and have it fixed, that includes:

  • Wood rot on the trim or siding
  • Damaged or missing window screens
  • Fences & gates

Take New Photos

After you have done all this work don’t forget to tell the world.

If your house is already for sale ask your agent to start using updated photos in all the marketing!