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This is a real estate market analysis for Haile Plantation, a subdivision between West Newberry Road and SW Archer Road in Gainesville Florida in Alachua County.

Our examination of market conditions in Haile Plantation is broken into quarters, based on home size.   We feel that this is the best way to group similar homes.

If you would like information grouped in another manner feel free to contact us!


Haile Plantation homes for sale

Homes on the Market

There are 82 homes for sale in Haile Plantation, plus another 31 condos.  Only 13 of them are less than 1,600 sqft in size.  On average they are built in 1987, have 3 bedrooms and two baths, and are about 1,300 sqft.  They are listed at an average of $189,200 ($140/sqft) and have been on the market a little over 3 months

Click on the photo to see the details about the homes up for sale in Haile right now.

Recent Activity

Of the 9 sales so far this year, one home is in this market segment.  It is in Sutherland Crossing and sold for $184,900.00 ($140/sqft). (3/2, 1320 sqft, built 1992)

2 more homes are under contract but haven’t closed yet.  One home is in Planter’s Grove, they were asking $208,500 for a 1,328 sqft 3/2 and got an offer in about 2 month’s time.  The other home is in Founder’s Hill.  It will be interesting to see what it sells for because it is a short sale and an auctioned home.  They listed it at a starting price of $75,000 (3/2, 1234 sqft, built 1983) – because it is a short sale it may be many months before the sale will be finalized.

This information is promising because it shows stability to house prices since last year.  Hopefully that stability will continue to be supported as new sales make their way through the system.

Historical Trends

Prices peaked in 2007 at a peak of $158/sqft ($208,000).  22 homes sold that year in an average of 97 days on the market.  There were almost as many homes that didn’t sell that year, averaging only $10,000 more in their asking prices but on the market for well over a year.

In 2008 sales and prices both declined.  The average sale price came down by $10,000 to $197,000 ($138/sqft) and it took 126 days to sell the homes.  It looks like the prices for larger homes came down quite a bit, and the buyers started taking advantage of affordability.

While 15 homes sold, another 17 homes went onto the market and didn’t sell.  These homes averaged prices of $214,000 when they went onto the market and reduced to $210,000 over the 223 days they were available.  They were asking $158/sqft when they left the market – which is much higher than the $138/sqft of the homes that actually sold.


Market stats for Haile Plantation - click for larger image


One of the great things about Haile Plantation is that there is so much diversity in the neighborhood – there are brand new homes and older homes, cottages and manors, the rich and the average.  As a result it’s misleading to lump everything together to talk about the market.  Don’t worry – we have a plan!  We have put together a separate analysis each quarter of Haile Plantation as broken out by HOME SIZES (click below to read details for each segment).

All segments, excluding condos
up to 1,600 square feet
between 1,600 and 2,150 square feet
between 2,150 and 2,700 square feet
2,700 or more square feet