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Many people are confused by the way property taxes are calculated.

Find Your Taxable Value

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I own a property now: This is the hardest part of calculating property taxes.  If you already own a property you can see exactly what your valuation is by looking on the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s website. (click here to Search for a property)  You can pull up any property by owner name, address, or tax parcel number.

I am buying a property: If you are buying property and want to know how much tax you might expect to pay then looking at the current owner’s payment doesn’t help you much.

Start by Adding up the purchase price and the exemptions you expect to apply for.  The appraiser doesn’t always set your property value at the purchase price, but it is a good number to use for a guesstimate.

Purchase Price (Market Value) – Exemptions = Taxable Value

For Example:

$169,300 My Property’s Market Value
-$   8,780 My “Save Our Homes” deduction
-$ 50,000 My Homestead Exemption
$110,520 My Taxable Value

Finding Your Property Tax Rate

Your Tax Jurisdiction sets your tax rate.

Looking up the property on the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s website can show you the jurisdiction (click here to Search for a property) – once you get to the “Property Search Results” page the jurisdiction is on the left side.

Millage Rate table online

Tax Year of 2009
City Code Taxing Authority Millage Rate
0200 MSTU St. Johns WMD 22.7184
0300 MSTU Suwannee WMD 22.7425
0400 MSTU St. Johns WMD 22.7184
0500 MSTU Suwannee WMD 22.7425
1700 City of Alachua 25.0245
2700 City of Archer 27.3301
3600 City of Gainesville Suwannee WMD 23.8967
3700 City of Gainesville St. Johns WMD 23.9208
4600 City of Hawthorne 27.6254
5700 City of High Springs 25.6745
6700 City of LaCrosse 21.6689
7600 City of Micanopy 27.5004
8700 City of Newberry 24.9997
9600 City of Waldo St. Johns WMD 26.5494
9700 City of Waldo Suwannee WMD 26.5735

If you want to know how much goes to each of the public services click here.

Calculating Your Taxes

Multiply your Taxable Value by your Millage Rate and divide by 1,000

For Example:

$110,520 My Taxable Value (from the example above)
x 22.7184 My Millage Rate (from Chart)
÷ 1000
$2,510.74 My 2009 Property Taxes

What Exemptions are Available?

  • upto $50000 Homestead Exemption
  • $25000 Senior Homestead Exemption
  • $500 Widows/Widowers Exemption
  • $500 Disability Exemption
  • $500 Exemption for Blind Persons
  • $5000 Veteran Disability Exemption
  • Service-Connected Total and Permanent Disability Exemption
  • Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled Persons
  • Exemption for Disabled Veterans Confined to Wheelchairs
  • Agricultural Classification

(click here to find out why your Homestead Exemption is important!)

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