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The National Association of Home Builders published a survey called What Home Buyers Really Want by: NAHB Economics Group

This is an interesting article released by the NAHB about that survey, so you don’t have to pay $150 to get some useful information.

Buyer’s Most Unwanted Features

What I found most interesting were the things that buyers REALLY don’t want in their house.

If you are selling your home soon and want to know what changes you can make to help your home sell faster or for more money this list is important to you.

Here are some of the things that will matter to Gainesvilleians…
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Counters – Laminate/Formica counter tops are on the buyer’s bleh list.  Counters are easy to replace, but not cheap.  Keep an eye out for sales and buy new counters when you can get a good deal.

Bathroom – If your master bathroom doesn’t have a tub that’s a problem.  This could be an expensive change to make in your house, so don’t just jump into the project.  If you want to add a tub talk to an architect/designer and get a few quotes.

It may be easy to take some space from an adjoining room and keep the price tag down on this upgrade… but if you have to add on to the house you are looking at big bucks.  If that’s the plan then you’re probably doing more than adding a tub – exciting but also a big project.

Party Time – Buyer’s don’t want your wine cooler, and they don’t need a wet bar.  Take it out and give them the extra space back.

Laundry – People REALLY want to wash their dirty clothes at home, and it’s better if the laundry area is inside in a clean area.  If you don’t have a laundry area look into adding one.  It may be easy to have the power and water run into a closet or even the garage for $1000 or less.

Here are the survey results from the report

Buyer's Most Unwanted List

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