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Real Estate from Start to Finish

Most people only buy or sell real estate a few times during their lives, and so they are nervous when it’s time to buy or sell again. Don’t worry – we’ll come to your rescue!
Here is a list of what happens as you proceed through buying and selling real estate, so that you know what to expect.

How to Calculate Property Taxes

Many people are confused by the way property taxes are calculated. Find Your Taxable Value I own a property now: This is the hardest part of calculating property taxes.  If you already own a property you can see exactly what your valuation is by looking on the Alachua...

Why Rent? Why Buy?

If you plan to stay in one area for several years there are a lot of good reasons to purchase a home instead of rent. Prices go up It costs you more each year to rent than it did the year before.  If you are paying $1000 a month today and see a 3.5% increase, over the...