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Did you know we have a world class coffee shop right here in Gainesville?

Neither did I, so when the list of America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops came out I was surprised (and proud) to see that Volta Coffee was on the list. I’ve been told by friends (you know who you are) that I had to try the place out, but now I really had to go.  Volta is the only coffee shop in Florida to make the list!

Today may be the last day cold enough for jeans and a sweatshirt this year, so it seems like a good chance to grab a warm beverage. The rest of the country is complaining about mountains of snow ruining their spring, it’s a brisk 60 degrees and sunny here in Gainesville.

Volta Coffee

48 SW 2nd Street | Gainesville, FL 32601 | 352.271.4361

The space has an inviting hipster/urban feel. The style is clean and industrial, trimmed out with handmade art, hand written menus, and natural wood. I was actually a little intimidated by the uber-cool customers sitting in the corner with their iPads and skinny jeans.

The staff was very friendly, and happy to be ranked in The Daily Meal’s list of the 50 Best Coffee Shops.  We chatted for a little bit as they skillfully brewed my coffee.

I ordered the Monta Verde from Brazil.  It was brewed by hand, the barrista slowly pouring boiling water in to a filter that was placed on top of my coffee cup. Not surprising, it’s called “pour over brewing”.

It had an interesting flavor, but was a bit weak for my personal taste. I don’t know if it was from the brewing style or the bean itself, but I plan to go back and find out.

Don’t like coffee?

They have high-end coffee, but also serve teas, infusions, and (get ready for it) coffee drinks.  Yup, I’m ordering a Volta Spiced White Chocolate the next chance I get!

 Here’s a bit from the original article…

The Daily Meal – America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops

Volta offers a fantastic selection of seasonal coffees from haute roasters such as Chicago-based Intelligentsia, but their whimsical selection of drinking chocolates might just be where it’s at. Sample sweet and savory concoctions, such as the Volta Xocolate Maya, which features a blend of 65 percent and 75 percent chocolates and is flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, chipotle and ancho chilies. While you’re enjoying your drink, you might also be treated to a sampling of Gainesville’s thriving art scene, as Volta features regular readings from students in UF’s creative writing program and music from local bands.