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Summer is Festival Season

Country Living is quiet, most of the time… but having all this nature and space around you gets old after a while and everyone knows that Summer is Time to Party!

From Zucchini festivals to Great Music there are many festivals all summer long in North Florida. Many events throughout the year are held in small towns and cities across North Florida.

High Springs Florida: Big Pioneer Days Festival April 24-25

The next big festival is PIONEER DAYS scheduled for April 24-25 right here in High Springs. They expect over 1000 people will attend. It’s a time to step into the past and look at the way our ancestors lived. They simulate a cowboy shoot out, and have many different situations to show how it was back when. There are also the food booths –  with lots of good food.

Go! Have fun and get to know your neighbors.

Here is a link someone posted on YouTube:


New Location

Instead of it Main Street High Springs, Pioneer Days will be by the City Hall sinkhole & police department.  It is just past Main Street, behind the Women’s Club

How many cities would be bold enough to advertise a party by a sinkhole?

It is a landmark and if you have never seen one, or wonder what it is, stop by the party – look for the crowd.

The festival is being sponsored by the High Springs Chamber of Commerce and their website is http://www.HighSprings.com.

Why is High Springs Here?

The city of High Springs was first established in the 1840’s and became more settled in 1888 when the phosphate mines and the post office was established here.  As of the 2000 census there were approximately 3800 people that live in the vicinity. We will see how much it has grown in the 10 yrs when we get the new census reports.

High Springs is not such a small town anymore. It  has some great food, shopping, and if you like antiques, this is the place to shop.

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