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This is my new favorite sushi bar in Gainesville, Fl.

Watch for the sign on SW 2nd Ave

Watch for the sign on SW 2nd Ave

The Food

From their website:

“The chefs at Shooting Star all cooked at upscale dining establishments in the chic areas of Tokoyo.”

I believe it. After eating here twice (I sampled about 5 different rolls, with cooked and raw fish) I have decided that this is my favorite sushi bar in town.

The quality of the ingredients and the flavors were a wonderful surprise!  The presentation is beautiful, exactly what we all expect from a sushi restaurant.  The prices were in line with most other places I have eaten sushi, around $5 for a simple roll and up to $12 for a multi-fish fancy roll.


Ambiance - fake jelly fish

Ambiance - fake jelly fish

The only ding I would give them is for ambiance – this is not the place to take someone you want to impress with beautiful decor.  The building and furniture feels a bit run down.

I’ll bet that will change as the popularity (and income) grows, but if you love good sushi then you might have to deal with a wobbly table.


Shooting Star
Japanese Grill & Sushi
203 SW 2nd Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601

(352) 372-1688

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