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Click here to read the Jan 2010 Haile Plantation Market Update.

Haile Plantation isn’t a small town but it does have many local shops, and they are often within a short walk from the homes in Haile.  These areas are important to the community and you won’t find yourself anonymously shopping, the proprietors will welcome you by name if you show up more than once or twice.

Haile Village Center

The village center is a mix of homes and businesses.  That means many of the residents just walk down the block for work each day.

Haile Market Square

With the addition of Publix there is no reason to run far for errands!

Want to Live Here?


Homes for Sale in Haile Plantation

If you are interested in buying a home in Haile Plantation just click on this link – it will take you to a website showing all the homes for sale at the moment.  If you’d like to see inside any we’d be happy to make an appointment!

3711 SW 98th Street

For Sale: 3711 SW 98th Street

Here is one of our listings, in Haile and only 1 block from Hampstead Park