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The Cabot/Koppers site in Gainesville has created a buzz recently, and caused some movement from the government agencies in charge.

We received a Letter from the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department – they say that the EPA is finally going to set boundaries so we know what areas are affected and what areas are not.  Hooray!

Test Results

Here are maps & test results recently published by the EPA:

Here is a link to an interactive map that shows the test results for 3 different chemicals. The results are all over the place – be sure to zoom in and OUT to see the different areas of Gainesville.  Click on the 3 buttons for each chemical to get all the info!



Here are the individual maps for each chemical they have tested for, updated as of  today (6/1/11).


Dioxin Test Results Koppers site

Dioxin Test Results Koppers site



Arsenic test results Koppers site

Arsenic test results Koppers site



Bensopyrene (BAPTE) test results Koppers Site

Bensopyrene (BAPTE) test results Koppers Site

The History

(from http://www.epa.gov/region4/waste/npl/nplfln/cabkopfl.htm)

The Cabot/Koppers Superfund site covers 140 acres bridging two properties. It is made up of two sites: the Koppers portion covers 90 acres on the western side, and the Cabot Carbon portion covers 50 acres on the eastern side.

A wood-treating operation on the Koppers portion of the site, currently operated by Koppers Industries, has been active since 1916.  Cabot Carbon formerly operated a charcoal production operation on the Cabot Carbon portion. This portion has been redeveloped and currently contains a commercial shopping mall, car dealership and a series of smaller stores and businesses.

Poor waste handling practices in the past have resulted in contaminated ground water, soil and possibly off-site surface water. Contaminants include arsenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and creosote compounds.

Clean-up started back in 1985 and the site has been in the news on and off over the years.

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