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Homes for Sale in Longleaf Village

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Driving SW on Archer Road, it is easy to miss the entrance to Longleaf. I guess every subdivision has to have at least one flaw. It’s Saturday mid-morning and I decide to go see why Longleaf had more homes sold in 2008 than any other subdivision in all of Alachua County… why is it in such high demand?

Once I find the entrance, I drive the long road in. It is laced with young trees.  I can only imagine what this drive will be like when they are mature. Impressive!

Something is missing…

As I pass through the streets I see some ladies congregated together – looks like they have just finished a morning walk. Every now and then I pass an open garage where guys are gathered: putting their golf clubs in their cars, joking, and laughing with big smiles on their faces. The kids are nearby jumping up and down on their air filled bouncy toys – you sense they are anxious to get to the pool and play ground. It seems like a normal subdivision in Gainesville, but I am sensing something is definitely missing.

Where are all the lawn mowers??

Wait! It’s Saturday, mid morning, No one is out mowing! Oh, that’s right; the association takes care of all the watering, mowing, planting, and pruning of the front yards.

I then drive past the pool area, and already people are set up for the afternoon. A few sun bathers scattered about, couples visiting, dad’s in the pool with the kids. I love that they have a toddler fountain-pool like at Disney!

Built for Success

The two builders, “Robinshore”  and “Tommy Williams” are responsible for this success. They have done a great job caring about how the community will survive long after they have sold out. It is a classy looking community and these builders have taken extra care to provide privacy for each home owner. The interior floor plans vary from mid-size to large and are contemporary by design.

The homes range in price from under $215,000 to $385,000+.   Last year 41 homes were sold in this sub division and the two builders were responsible for 32 of them (brand new homes).  I guess new construction at these prices, and the close proximity to UF, Shands Hospital, VA Hospital, Butler Plaza, and I-75 helped in convincing all these folks to buy here. This is a very popular area for physicians, hospital residents, and professionals working at UF.

Sound good to you?

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Looking for a Market Update on Longleaf Real Estate?  Click here